What a stunning place! There has been such s stereotype attached trip Bali & I was never too fond on travelling there. This was a work trip so I attended & was excited to! Yet was scared about getting sick or bitten by a mosquito! If you travel to the right place then you’re set & you get to experience the amazing culture & people everywhere you go!


The Villa’s view!

I was stunned by the culture shock over there & how living conditions are so different! It was amazing to experience the exotic diversity they have compared to here in Aus!


I did come home a bit unwell for about 2 weeks, it wasn’t bad but just icky, thankfully I didn’t get food poisoning! We got our vaccines only 4 days before we left because the trip so it was very last minuet!

If there is one major tip I can give – don’t decide to go to Bali last min, you will probably come home feeling a little unwell or maybe a lot!


The Balinese people are so lovely & I have only had a great experience with interacting with them. The food over there is incredibly organic & fresh! We stayed in Changu & didn’t travel too far so I know the food can be quite different depending n where you go/stay.


We stayed in a stunning Villa in Changu with an amazing family!

The currency change was the biggest thing for me to adapt to because it confused me so much, When we went to the USA not much at all changed it might have been a few dollars extra compared to the AUD but this was so cheap & dramatically different! I attempted shopping on my own…& we saw how that ended on my Instagram highlight “BALI”


Driving in Bali was CRAZY! Their road system is outta wack for sure, they are so relaxed & patient on the road because there is SO MUCH going on! There is scooter bike mobiles, cyclists, cars, trucks & people walking all the time so they have no choice but to wait! The quality of the road is another story! The main roads seem to be alright but as soon as you go off road you go. off. road. I know Austrian off roads are bumpy & what not, I know! but this was insane! the pit holes stop off 3 feet under.  Hence why we walked to most places & rarely drove!


Bali also has HUGE snails! If you want to know anything else about Bali, where to go, what to do etc ask away! with comment below or message me through my details on contact me 



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