RP Series

Beckisode 1 – Introducing RP

Why did I make this video?

I was attending a Conference for work at the time I made this video. The company I work for had a challenge going on where you are tested within your video making skills. This was a challenge where you record a short video for 15 consecutive days & upload it to the closed Facebook group. It really showed myself how much I love talking to the camera & expressing myself in this way!

So a lot of my videos were a few mins of talking about my cats or how my day was going, there wasn’t much depth to the videos. That wasn’t the challenge, it was more so the tips you were learning & how you spoke, you could talk about anything!

So I was at this event & remembered I needed to do a video, so I went back to my room & decided I wanted to talk about RP. I had no script, I didn’t know how I was going to talk about it, I just pressed play & started talking, I cried a few times, I stuffed up a LOT, but I kept recording & eventually felt like I got it right! 

I made this video because I wanted to open up about what myself & my family went through & will face with our eyes in the future. I wanted to share with people what RP is & how it has affected us.


What is this video about?

  • When we were diagnosed
  • What RP is
  • Who else was diagnosed in my family
  • How we are going blind
  • Our symptoms
  • Stages of RP
  • Different types of RP
  • How long we have until we are blind
  • What I am going to do about this now
  • How I feel a year after the diagnosis
  • What happened to my independence



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