Beckisode 3 – People & Perspective

Why did I make this video?

I talk a lot about friendships when it comes to getting hurt with what I have learnt & how I have created a healthy mindset from some not so healthy circumstances. To talk about this openly is really important for me to be able to do & share with you all, so I hope you can take something from it!

This video is something I go back & listen to myself for re-adjusting my perspective, especially more recently I needed to hear this & I actually filmed a similar video yesterday which I will share in due time. It is really interesting to listen to this & then compare what I was saying to what I am sharing in my recently filmed video!


What’s in this video?  

  • Perspective with how people treat you
  • Mindset
  • ‘Hurt people, Hurt people”
  • Protecting Your Peace
  • Mistakes are going to be made…
  • Guarding Your Heart
  • Outgrowing People

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