Dear Diary, 2018

2018 was a year filled with new challenges, new realisations & life changing experiences. Now for 2019!


I express starting my career as an Event Planner, the times where I grew when going through difficult times with people & relationships.  I talk about Jake & having been together for one year, how our relationship is going & has been. As well as my journey with RP.


“It has been a year of acceptance. Accepting RP as apart of who I am, accepting I will have bad days & accepting the daunting change no matter the level of uncertainty”


I open up about our bullying experience throughout the year & then what eventually lead us moving to QLD & all the travelling we have done in-between! Then a message to everyone who has been in my life on way or another.


“To those I have met along the way & may not be in contact with now, you all played a part in my life & for that I thank you. because it has helped me get to the person I am today”


I end with expressing what my goals are for the new year & close with a message to everyone;


“I hope you can be open minted for new opportunities you will have in 1019…..create for yourself a year of Acceptance, Consistency & Confidence”


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