Your bodies are special. They are unique to the specific design of wrinkles, dimples, stretch marks. To the way we walk & the way our skin lines up when we smile!

So many of us look at ourselves & feel unloved, by our own self & by those around us. Those who judge you don’t understand the beauty of YOUR uniqueness because THEY don’t have it the same as you. They have their own differences that they may not love yet & could lead to their insecurities. People bring others down to try to lift themselves up as they may be feeling beneath the earth themselves for whatever reason & it’s not okay to treat others bad because you don’t feel good about yourself! but what also ins’t okay is accepting what negativity they have to say & believing them!

The next time you go to place judgement on yourself based on the opinion of another remember you ARE loved, you ARE important & you DON’T need their judgement to decide how you see yourself!

You are special & you need to learn to love your body with the stage it’s at. If you want to lose weight, gain weight, get toned, or may have an injury you’re recovering from, whatever it is, you shouldn’t place expectations on how you feel you should look in order to love yourself

So, the next time you want to give up because they are casting judgement on you or you are casting it on yourself….or maybe you are struggling with not seeing results with working out/exercising, a different diet etc….Remember, the fruit is the last thing to grow on the tree, the flower blossoms after a long time of never giving up regardless of other flowers blossoming before it, you will get there, you need to have faith in yourself & not give up because it’s difficult or because you aren’t moving at the same pace as everyone else!

– B.R  💜