Houston Texas!

The reason we went to Houston,

Libby’s favourite Author had announced her FINAL book tour & Libby asked mum if she could go & mum responded “why, not? if you can get the tickets then sure”!

The day the tickets went on sale we were at a conference & due to the time zone changes we would have had to get up at 2am. I didn’t really wan to do that, haha.

Thankfully our website designer & manager lives in Florida so we sent the money & she got the tickets for us!!

Exactly a year prior to this we had friends from Houston stay for a week at our house & they were more then happy to have us!


It was a special trip to the states because we knew the pilot! We were staying with Steve & his family on this trip 🙂 so we got to see BTS on a Dream-liner!


Once the tickets & flights were sorted, we could plan WHAT TO DO! We were going there for 10 days & there is so much to see & experience in Houston!

In this video you get to see the first four days or so from out trip. I promise part two is coming! there is so much to edit ahh (its a 30 min video)

Mels diner has the largest Burger in the world!

Take a look at the video to see the our first ever international trip & the first few days into it! The next video will have NASA, the haunted town…our trip to the gun range & heaps more!

Also, funny story, when we landed in Texas the author announced her AUSTRALIAN TOUR! So of course Libby wanted to get tickets to that one haha  & so we are travelling next week to Sydney for it!

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