It can be really hard to talk about how you’re feeling. We don’t always understand how we feel, let alone be able to express it to another person.

It’s okay to take the time to work out what is going on. Therapy doesn’t always mean you go sit in a room & talk with a psychologist.

It can mean you step out of your routine, allow days & time to gather your thoughts, take a step back & reflect.


Ditch the Day to Day 



Stepping out of the daily routine & changing it up can really increase your chances of refreshing your perspective & mindset with everything you have going on.

Seeking help & speaking up isn’t just about taking about what is troubling you or what is upsetting & painful.

Its about seeking a new perspective & not being all alone with your thoughts.




There is so much Strength in Weakness



What do I mean when I say this?….We all have times of weakness, where the weight of the world you carry is crushing you.

It takes great strength to say “I need help”. We need to experience times of weakness to really discover our strength. You can’t know what it feels like to have a comeback if you don’t have some sort of setback.

Speaking up does take courage, bravery & requires you to put YOU first! & guess what, its okay if you aren’t ready. It takes time for you to gather your thoughts & strength. That’s why I encourage you to get to know yourself & undo the daily routine that you get stuck in day after day. Once you step out, you refresh your mind & can begin to think clearly.



Pay attention to those around you


We do throughout life need support, help & guidance.

This life isn’t easy at all, its’s not always fun & can be a real hell of a place…but you know what,

As long as you have people around who will stand with you whilst you face it all, you WILL be okay.

You truly will & if you didn’t think of someone right after you read that sentence that is going to do/does that, you’ll need to rethink the people you have around you.

Maybe you need to make some changes with how you surround yourself with because those people  have a huge impact on who you become, how you behave, how you treat & talk to yourself.



“What is your CORE BELIEF” 



Do you deep down want to help yourself, for yourself?

Because that core belief you have drives how you think & make decisions. If you allow fear & insecurity to rule as your core belief then your decisions & thoughts will reflect that.

If your core belief is “I am good enough” then the decision to put yourself first & your self talk will be more positive.

Support Each Other



It isn’t just always about speaking up for yourself.

Sometimes we need to speak up for others. By speak up I mean support, ask the hard questions, don’t just sit around while they struggle,

Put in the effort to be there for them, be present & show them they have you sticking by them.

If you are stuck with HOW? then think….

“How can I actually make a difference to them rather then  just do what I think is best for them?



Take the time to listen




It can be easy to say “are you okay” but when it comes to listening, do so with unconditional support, care & love.

Listen without bias or judgement. Have an open heart & open mind.

A conversation could save a life, you never know just how much you could help someone by listening to them.


Speak self love into young lives


It is so important that we speak self worth into the young lives we are apart of, whether it be our own children, siblings, cousins or friends.

To tell them they are important, tell them they are enough, they are worthy of so much love & happiness, because the world will try to tear them down. People will discourage them as they grow up.

Its up to us to make sure they grow up surround by people they can count on when they are feeling the weight of the world. To be someone they can talk to when they struggle.




In your OWN way


I encourage you to in your own way speak up. If that means being there & supporting someone else or finding the courage to talk about whats on your mind

We all process things differently, think differently & that’s where you are able to find the beauty in doing whats best for you. Something as simple as going for a walk to clear your mind may be all you need to gather your thoughts, others (& this is me) need to talk to someone. I also loved changing up my routine with a little getaway to take a huge step back from work, personal life & be with myself surrounded by nature.



You already have the answers


You already know deep down what you need & feel, sometimes you just need someone to talk to, to help you accept & bring to the light what you already know.

We doubt ourselves all the time, every day with our thoughts & choices, we hesitate & don’t want to do something we may end up regretting.

Would you rather do something & regret it or not do something & regret it?

Be open to trusting your feelings when it comes to what you think is best for you.

Your doubts are stopping you from achieving happiness because you are stuck in not wanting to do something you think you will regret,

when you don’t actually know what its like until you give it a go!

Don’t make up you mind about seeking help & speaking up because your doubts have told you what it could be like…

& definitely don’t doubt you ability to be strong amongst it all!



Think out of your ordinary 



We sometimes expect support to come from particular people & at certain times. When you do this you are setting yourself up for failure (mostly).

Be open to receiving support anywhere, from anyone at anytime! Be open to what could come into your life, unexpected things often change lives.

When you allow false hope to enter your mind you are starting to create an eventual downfall as you receive disappointment after disappointment because

your expectations aren’t being met…Be open to unexpected support & think out of your ordinary



Communication is KEY


Communication is key to any relationship, right?

At least that’s what everyone says…Most things go wrong between people when communication is messed up. Relationships are reconciled when you do communicate & therefore understand each other better. So would you agree that when you communicate whats going on in your mind & heart that you can begin to form a healthy relationship with yourself?

Because when you don’t you are left confused, unsure & lonely.

That’s what happened with me. I reconnected with my mind & soul when I started to communicate what was going on in my mind with my thoughts, I started to get a better understanding with how things from my past have affected me today & therefore lead to my behaviours & choices. It’s also how I became aware of my unsustainable coping mechanisms.

When you communicate properly you will understand why people do certain things and you can be aware for next time…same goes for you, when you have a better understanding with why you think a certain way or do certain things can become more aware of it & prepared. Rather then feeling annoyed at yourself & increasing negative self talk.

Communication in relationship with anyone is majorly important, you are gaining a better understanding of why they did the thing they did or what lead them to the choice they made etc, so when you start to communicate whats going on in your mind & how you are feeling, you start to understand why you think the way you do & why you struggle.

You will then start to understand more & create a better relationship with yourself, which will then lead to an improved mental health. 





As you can see some very gorgeous ladies have come together & joined me in putting on some lipstick to support speaking up & talking about your mental health.









There are so many people that want to encourage you & support you! All you need to do is reach out because there will always be a helping hand ready to be there for you!

LifeLine – 13 11 14


Donate to Liptember HERE




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