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Mental Health Awareness


May is Mental Health Awareness Month & I sat down with Tyler Hobson to talk about his experience with Depression,  Anxiety & how it effects him at work in the construction Industry.


Statements & Statistics –

  1. Those who are in the construction industry are more likely to die from suicide then a workplace accident.
  2. Construction workers are twice as likely to commit suicide then other people in Australia.
  3. Australian businesses are losing money by neglecting to address mental health in this industry – Aprox $10 billion is lost annually.
  4. 1 in 4 people have experienced depression or anxiety so it’s quite likely in your workplace there is many who are struggling with it.


Here are some things you can do to help reduce this in the workplace & increase awareness. 

  1. Talking to someone who has lived through it & relating to them!  This helps normalise the situation for them.
  2. Introduce it to the induction with employees, discuss the moral you have towards health & safety, discrimination, mental health & make it a comfortable conversation
  3. There is such thing as workplace rehabilitation services & if you include this in your workplace then you can support & encourage your employees!
  4. Make it a normal conversation. Allow your workers to talk about their experiences with others who need to talk to someone or want to!
  5. Be a mentor in your workplace.


Here are some support services that specialise in mental health within the construction industry:

  1. Trademutt 

Trademutt shirts will wear the logo ‘This is a conversation starter’ across the back. Our partnership with TIACS is an effort to effect change and lower the rate of male suicide in Australia. 5% of profits will go towards funding the TIACS movement, and the exciting ways they are facilitating the expression of mental health conversations.” – Trademutt website

  1. MATES in construction 

MATES in Construction is a charity established in 2008 to reduce the high level of suicide among Australian construction workers. It is owned and controlled by the Australian Building and Construction Industry.” – MATES website

Contact MIC –  1300 642 111
  1. lifeline 

Lifeline is a national charity providing all Australians experiencing a personal crisis with access to 24 hour crisis support and suicide prevention services. We’re committed to empowering Australians to be suicide-safe through connection, compassion and hope.” – Lifeline website

Call Lifeline on – 13 11 14


  1. Build Corp Foundation

The mission of the Buildcorp Foundation is to maximise the impact of the collective giving spirit to those initiatives and organisations dear to the Buildcorp community. This year our focus is mental health and we are raising funds and awareness for the work of Lifeline.” – Buildcorp website 


I recently spoke with Tyler Hobson on his experience with mental health & we discussed the above statistics on the construction industry throughout Australia.

Tyler is 24 & has been working in the construction industry for 6 years now.

Watch our interview below to hear Tyler’s story & perspective on Mental health within the Constitution industry!

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