My Story

Hi there, I’m Beck!


By reading this you will find out a bit about me & get an idea of what I will be posting on here!

My life seemed pretty normal for a while, an amazing family, friends, good health & then the bullying began….Bullying has had a massive effect on the lives of my family & I will be taking about my journey with it here!

Then at 16 along with my sisters we were diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosia. This is an eye condition leading us to eventual blindness. I was realising a lot at this point in my life & never shared any of my thoughts with anyone, so that lead to my battle with severe Anxiety & Depression. Which I will also be sharing here in future blogs & YouTube Videos.

It was a battle I was losing, facing physical & emotional scars that I was trying to escape from. Soon enough the lose would have been my life however, I began fighting & piece by piece started to learn strategies to love my body, my authentic self & I could gain the strength to tackle what I was facing!

Now we are at the present, I am still living with Anxiety & have come so far with my depression. I want to share my journey with you all as I am now, Recovering from the diagnosis & my eating disorder, finding Balance amongst life & creating a Mindset that helps me make it through each day with the purpose to creating a fruitful life.

Some of you might know me through my Instagram, I am very active on there & want to bring that here each week!

I love interacting,  please don’t hesitate to ask me anything & let me know what you want to see on my YouTube channel & on my posts here!

– Beck