The BirdBox Challenge

lets Talk – BIRDBOX

Here it is! The video where I discuss this film & how realistic it actually is living with vision impairment in comparison to the Birdbox challenge videos that had gone viral!

I did this video to educate you all by using something recent in social media. I hope with this you relate to me in some way & what it is like to live with real vision impairment!

I want to encourage others in the vision impaired & blind community to speak up & express themselves!

This challenge is something I know a lot of people may feel offended by & I also did when I watched some challenge videos. I decided to use my feelings as fuel for myself making this video & turn it it into something positive to help people understand, so I hope you do!

I hope that you can take how you feel about something whether negative or positive & choose to create a bridge to help people understand & relate to you & what your going through!

Please ask me any questions & comment or message what you think about the film, challenges & my video!


What is in this video:

  • How your body & other senses reacts to going blind
  • My personal opinion on the film
  • Light perception for a vision impaired/ blind person
  • How I would encourage you to do the challenge
  • The challenge videos I have seen, whats bad about them
  • Navigation (learning to) when vision impaired
  • preparation before going to a new place
  • STATISTICS with how many people are blind &/or vision impaired
  • Mindfulness


I also added a little something to the end of this video, 

I show you RP glasses from Retina Australia & simulate Tunnel vision for those who put them on (see them in the image below)

If you are ever with me in person ask me to try them I always have a pair in my purse!


Where I got my information: 

Getting around safely / vision Australia

World Health Organisation

Retina Australia

Birdbox Film & warning on challenges – Netflix

Wearing – sisters apparel tee


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