The Blue Light Effect

You could go blind…..


Why did I make this video?

When I first heard about the blue light effect on our eyes I was shocked!

During the 2000’s electronic devices became more of a craze with computers & phones being around for a a long time before hand, this was a new era for technology. When I searched Blue light glasses on google, up to 3 sites were highly promoting the lenses & were trying to educate people to purchase them for the health of their eyes…


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Here is where the Blue lights is placed on the visible to the human eye spectrum. As I mention, its right next to Ultra Violet


What is the blue light? It is on the wavelength spectrum right under UV (Ultra Violet) which means it is very harmful for our eyes to look at. Sunglasses are what protect our eyes from dangerous amounts of UV light & Blue Light blocking glasses are what protect our eyes from harmful amount of BL rays that are emitted from:


And also the sun. The sun as I mention in this video produces BL rays & its actually healthy for us. Our bodies respond positively to the blue light produced by the sun, but too much, isn’t good.

I wanted to share  my concern about how we don’t do anything about something that doesn’t have an instant effect on us because its become a time where unless you see physical damage or are feeling the effect then why bother?  That’s the attitude most people have towards this & a lot of other things in life.

Well, for those who aren’t wearing the protective eye wear, this is what will happen to you….Y O U could go B L I N D. Find out how, the scientific facts & health side to this being a T R U E statement.


“Find out what you can do to prevent eventual blindness

from occurring, because this is something that’s preventable for you”


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“1/3 of all visible light is HEV (high energy visible). Also known as the blue light”

If you are going to have CATARACT surgery then I really recommend you get the lenses I talk about! Because after you have the surgery, your eyes are more at risk when it comes to the damage of the blue light.

& Guess what? You can get Prescription blue light glasses! They also come not prescribed such as the ones in my video because i wear contact lenses.

What is in this Video:

  • Physical impact VS invisible when it comes to UV rays vs. the blue light rays
  • What happens to us after a life time of exposure to blue light
  • How to prevent the negative effects of the blue light NOW
  • STATS on how often the blue light reaches us
  • Long term damage
  • Short term damage
  • How you can go blind, this is for ANYONE. If you have 2020 vision this can happen to you.
  • Why it effects us later on in life & not so much immediately
  • The other instant symptoms we face from our eyes being exposed to the blue light
  • How our eyes react to the blue light
  • Will sunglasses help prevent the blur light?
  • Practical things you can adjust ie. lights in your house
  • I show you my blue light preventive glasses



Blue light protective glasses from QUAY AUSTRALIA

Where i got my information

Blue Light Blocking 

Insight Australia

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