Moving to Queensland!

This video is a Vlog with our journey packing up & moving interstate. You get to see it from the very beginning, when we had our moving sale, saying goodbye to my rabbit Louie, then the flight & unpacking process, which lasted from 9pm – 5am because the trucks arrived quite late..!

I don’t talk much about why we moved in this video. I wanted to do another video as soon as I could when we got up here to explain why we left. I did end up filming it a week later, however I got quite emotional & decided not to edit & upload it. I have other videos in the making where I discuss the move, but I would love to know if you want me to dedicate a video to WHY we moved & I might even do a Q&A about it?

The main reasons with why we moved had to do with our eyesight, the area we were living in etc  & I won’t go into much more detail but there is A LOT I could talk about, hence why I am considering a video in itself for answering your questions & expressing the decision we made openly!


As to why we moved you can ask anonymously here in the comments or on my CONTACT ME page to find my email & Instagram!

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This is such a fun video to look back on & see how much hard work was put into making this happen & how much fun we had!

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