What Message are you sending?

I have a voice on social media. I discuss topics that are relevant to my life at the time or from my past, sharing my truth & reality! I will always continue to share my perspective because it can encourage people & share important messages along the way.

I want to send KIND & RESPECTFUL messages through what I post & share with you all!

I want people to be able to be confident with themselves. To stand strong with their voice, as long as they are respecting that others will have different opinions/beliefs because not everyone will agree with you & you need to be okay with that. I don’t always agree with others beliefs or decisions & that’s fine! I don’t need to, it’s not my life, who am I to judge how others live. However, in saying all of this I will not hesitate to speak up when I feel it is appropriate or necessary. Social media is a door anyone can open. Some use it for good & others use it for not so good.  Bullying became cyber, shopping became a click away, food comes to you, opinions became global! People are losing jobs because of what they post, careers are damaged, friendships & relationships are torn apart. Don’t even get me started on cat-fishing….


“In a world where you can be anything CHOOSE KIND”


It is such a common ideal but before you post THINK:

Is it True?

Is it Helpful?

Is it Inspiring?

Is it Necessary?

Is it KIND???


& if you don’t want to THINK before you post at least consider what the backlash might be? How you will impact people?

I did a video on the bird-box challenges that went viral after the release of the film. I was highly offended by those making jokes towards the Blind & vision impaired community. Now, would these people after they thought before they posted, uploaded the video knowing it would offend people apart of this community? Some might have because some people simply don’t care. But others maybe not…It is about becoming aware that your actions online have consequences & its not a simple harmless joke to everyone.

I understand you’re probably thinking “I shouldn’t worry about what other people think when I post, you can’t please everyone & it’s my social media account so my choice”  but this is different. There is a line you cross sometimes & it can go to the point of sending a very unkind message. It may not be your intent but it’s all in how it comes across. It’s not difficult to think twice before you hit send or upload about how it could be taken. If you are concerned about how it could come across & still want to post it, create a disclaimer, let people know your intent so it isn’t taken the wrong way. Remember to consider if it is really necessary? THINK


“People have a lot to say about lives they had never lived”


One year ago, I would never have spoken up for myself in the way I have today. I not only aspire to continue to do so for myself but for others! I recently stood up for so many people who are misconceived & used as a joke for a light hearted laugh.

As I cover more sensitive topics so to say, people start to get defensive. I had posted my response to something publicly & got a lot of backlash. I felt the pressure & felt bad that people didn’t like what I had posted. So I took the video down.

The next day I woke up & posted the video back up because I didn’t want to let those who were discouraging my voice control the message I was trying to share. I made another video & explained how the pressure of unkind messages lead me to feel insecure about my message, I took way my voice because of what people said to me. I will not let those who don’t agree with my view make me hide what I have to say, I don’t want you to think this way about negative posts because it is different, I was sharing a positive message about bullying & being mindful with what you post.

You have a responsibility online with what you post, you either take it on & share positive messages or you continue to send unkind messages. Whether it is your intent or not, what you post says something different to everyone who sees it.

People look with their own perspective towards everything. You will see it one way & someone will see it completely different. So you can’t post something & expect it to be taken the same way….its about understanding how it could be taken depending on the post & being mindful to those whom it may effect. 

In honour of Autism awareness month being April I want to share this message


“There is ability in every disability.”

People will probably think or say that I am blowing this out of proportion & that they deleted the post, the comment or video so its gone etc….I am not letting their name & life be treated less than. I am leaving a footprint in this situation so that their names defended & protected.

“Look at Autism with your heart, your eyes might miss something”


To see people solely focus on the different ways those with a disability act or behave, the different aspect to how those with a disability live, is disgraceful. Let’s scrap the stereotype & accept everyone online with how we send a message! We call upon equality so why are people still creating thoughtless jokes & treating those who are different less then?


“This is what I need you to know. As an individual on the Autism spectrum I have a different operating system. Imagine seeing, feeling, hearing, perceiving and experiencing the world through a different lens. It’s wild. It’s intense. And it is extremely overwhelming & frustrating at times, but it’s how I am built. Not better or worse, just different.

What  is most painful and challenging for me is how the rest of the world perceives these differences. I’m me and I can accept and even appreciate being this way. What I cannot accept is the intolerance of my differences, many of which are actually my gifts! It’s Yin and Yang. We need each other to thrive and create beauty, change, transformation and a meaningful experience for all” – The Neurodiverse Woman/FB

If I were to joke about the way you say something, to re-create a video or photo where you do something that is different, what would you think? You would instantly begin defending your name, your lifestyle. That is what I stand for now.


  • Would you want someone to joke about you because you are different?
  • If you were disabled would you be okay with people releasing inappropriate images/footage interpreting your actions or behaviours? 


“I am an autism parent.

We have good days, bad days & days we try to forget.

I watch my child struggle on a daily basis.

I watch him try to work out the world around him .

It hurts.

I hate seeing him struggle so much.

It may HURT but I am also PROUD.

PROUD of the fact that he never gives up.

No matter how hard his struggles get he keeps on fighting.

No parent could ask for anything more then that” Spectrum Superstars


This message is to everyone who has posted a thoughtless joke about a lifestyle that is different. To everyone who has gotten a laugh from a video/photo etc you saw where a disability was joked about or treated in a inappropriate way.

To everyone who also wants to make a difference, SPEAK UP! Don’t be an observer, that can be just as bad as the bullying. Don’t sit around & watch while people are getting dumped in the dirt, stand up for each other, support each other. People can’t become aware of their actions online if we don’t express the consequences of their actions & let them know it’s not okay, otherwise this kind of think will keep happening.

One thing I have noticed is people won’t speak up to someone because of the comments they would receive back, or maybe that person won’t like them if they speak up etc. Some have said to me “keep your opinion to yourself “, “Maybe you shouldn’t have said anything” & I get it, I understand, but I don’t post for those comments, I post for the “thank you for sharing this” “I really needed to hear that” that outweighs the negative feedback! That is what keeps me going.

Lets share Kind messages, let’s THINK before we post. To have a laugh & make jokes online is A-okay, but there is a line & it is crossed too often.

Don’t judge what you don’t know, instead learn! This world is filled with people who are living life differently & you could learn a lot from them.  Lets send messages of RESPECT & KINDNESS.

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