You Are More Than What You Tell Yourself

Here I am, standing confidently & happy with who I am.

I wasn’t always confident to be myself, to be independent. My disability requires me to live a little differently & sometimes need assistance, if not I could get hurt & the stress gets quite overwhelming. Because of this sudden shift in lifestyle I struggled with my perspective at first.

As I got older I learnt to accept RP as a good part of who I am & not a hideous flaw that makes me less of a person. Once I started accepting it & stopped worrying what others would say & think, I could then start to become my true self not needing validation from those who live & see differently to me.


“When you focus on changing whats going on inside you, things will change around you” 


I invested more ‘me time’ & not so much time in others, as they were my distraction from focusing on myself. Started being nicer to myself, encouraged & supported my own decisions, doing this helped me build a relationship with who I am, where I no longer allow anything less from myself & others!


Changing those Habits

Change those little habits where you are constantly putting more effort into someone else rather then yourself. Give yourself the undivided attention you always seek from others.

Learn to enjoy your own company….but that can be hard with the toxic thoughts that continue to come & go can’t it? We can’t expect them to suddenly stop. We need to speak up against it! This comes down to self discipline with what we allow our mind to tell us.

You won’t approve of others talking down about you, but will allow yourself to? We are so quick to remove toxic people from our life but are you as quick when it comes to your own toxic thoughts?


“What you allow is what will continue” – Trent Shelton 


It can start & end with us. People will do & say horrible things, we can’t control what we hear or what is said about us, but its up to you to decide if you will allow it get under your skin. It’s definitely not easily accomplished but we got to start somewhere. This can also relate to what you let yourself say about you. After all this is something you can control.

Be careful with how you talk to yourself, because you are always listening.

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